I am excited to announce a new Rome Homes Buyer’s Rebate Program for all future home buyers I work with.

With this program, you get paid up to 1% of the purchase price of your home at the closing table.


Our Buyer's Rebate Program offers you, the home buyer, a CASH BACK rebate at closing. 


So how much could you get paid on a typical home purchase?
Based on a 3% commission being paid to the buyer’s agent, the following rebates would apply:

Home Price: $100,000    Buyer’s Rebate: $1,000
Home Price $150,000      Buyer’s Rebate: $1,500
Home Price: $200,000    Buyer’s Rebate: $2,000
Home Price: $250,00       Buyer’s Rebate: $2,500

What does this mean?
When I am your buyer’s agent, YOU GET PAID CASH at the closing table.
And, my buyer’s agent services are free to you.
Here’s how it works:

When a home is listed for sale, the seller agrees to pay the listing agent a commission, typically a percentage of the purchase price of the home.

Listing agents then agree to share part of that commission with any other real estate agent who brings them a buyer.

As your buyer’s agent, I want to give you part of my share just for allowing me to help you find a home.
This share is called a rebate.
For you, that simply means CASH BACK at the closing table for the home you were already going to purchase.


To get your rebate here’s all you need to do:
1. Call me to set up a time to discuss your home buying goals.

– Justin Pollard

Direct: 706.802.7458
Office: 770.334.8286  ext. 149


2. Receive and sign the Buyer’s Brokerage and Rebate Agreement.
– This agreement lays out all of the obligations and services I will provide at no charge to you, as well as the terms of the Rome Homes Buyer’s Rebate Program.


3. Allow me to help you find and  purchase the home you want in Georgia, at no cost to you.


4. Get paid up to  1% rebate of the purchase price at the closing table as you receive the keys to your home.


Justin Pollard

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